Stopfullprice is fully committed to keep all the information which you share with us at the time of making the accounts, making payments or anywhere else safe and secure. The personal information of our users is not compromised or shared with any third parties at any cost. The information which you provide to us like email, name and other data is used by us to make your shopping experience better and keep the track of the queries raised by our users so that we do not miss any chance of improvement on our portal. If you think that your data is not safe with us then you can get in touch with our team so that the data should e removed from our data base. We usually do not ask for any kind of financial data from you even in the surveys which we conduct to know our users and take feed back of the services we are offering. We do not sell or share the data of our users with any other companies which have intention to use that data.


We use cookies to make your experience with us better and each time you visit our website we drop the cookies on your browser depending on the behavior and preferences you have. These cookies are harmless for your devices and only purpose of them is to keep track of your shopping preferences so that you can get good results in the least time. However if you want to remove these cookies from your browsers then you can go to the browser settings and can delete them in seconds. Cookies used by our website do not collect any kind of information from your devices are do not contain any kind of malware harmful for your devices. These are the small text files which allow us to know your shopping behavior better.

Use of Coupons and Offers

At Stop full price you will get plenty of coupons and offers from the top online stores in the country and you can easily save money by using them. Here we have separate store for each merchant but we do not guarantee that the codes or the offers which are listed with us will work for you. As during sale periods products go out of stock easily so you can face problem with coupons not working. Our team do their best to provide you with all working codes and offers so that each time you shop for the products or book services online you can save money on it.

Use of Third Party Links

As we work with number of online merchants and advertisers so we do use the third party links which help us to monitor many vital aspect of our website. These links generally redirect you to the merchant websites and at the same time help us to record the visits and sales done by our users. You should not worry about these links as they are entirely harmless for your devices and also do not engage in collection of any kind of information related to while you are shopping products online.


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