Terms and Conditions

We request our users to go through the below terms and conditions to use our website services so that you should not face any kind of issues. When you use the codes or the offers which are listed by us on our website you agree to the terms and conditions associated with use of Stopfullprice. If you are not comfortable with the terms listed by us we will advise you to not use the services of our portal or subscribe to the newsletters containing jaw dropping saving offers.

Definitions used in these Terms & Conditions:

Merchant - Merchant refer to the advertiser website from where you are willing to buy the products or book the services such as hotels, flights etc.  We provide the discount codes and offers of these merchants in the separate pages created for each of them on our website.

Services – It refers to the services offered by Stopfullprice in any form. Whether you are using the codes directly by visiting our website or any other mean such as communications, subscriptions etc it will be counted. Services can also be given through the third party applications related to our website which can be downloaded from can be downloaded from third party application stores including but not restricted to iTunes store, Blackberry App world etc.

Website – It refer to the www.Stopfullprice.com.sg or any other micosite or application related to our website.

User - It refer to the person who is using the services of the Stopfullprice. It includes you also when you decide to use the services which are offered by our website.

General Terms:-

Stopfullprice.com.sg is intended for the users in Singapore only and we do not undertake any kind of responsibility for the issues arising from the use of our website by the person not residing in Singapore.

All the services, codes, offers and other things which you get from us are intended for the personal and non commercial use only.

You can create the accounts with Stopfullprice by providing some additional information or can subscribe to the mailing list of our website but we have full right to terminate the accounts or stop the subscriptions if we find them not complying with our terms.

By providing us your email id in any of the signup boxes you accept to receive our newsletters and promotional literature through email

You can unsubscribe to our Newsletters by sending an email to contact@stopfullprice.com.sg

User Obligations:

As user you should abide by the terms and conditions which the different merchant have once you are redirected to their pages from our website.

User should not use the content of the website to republish on the other platforms

User should not upload inappropriate, disturbing or indecent material or data

User should not upload data or material that may be copyrighted or protected and that you do not own the rights to

Not to upload or publish any malicious date or materials including but not restricted to corrupted files or software that may threaten the functioning of the website

User should not Violate the laws applicable in Singapore

User should not use the data posted by other users on our website as we follow strict privacy policies.

Suspension & Termination of user accounts:

Stopfullprice has full rights to terminate your account or subscription at any point of time if we finds that you are using the services of our website in violation of the terms and conditions laid by us. If we find that user is not following the terms of use we can immediately terminate the account without any kind of prior notice. We do not carry any legal obligation to notify you in the event of account termination

Limitation of Liability:

Stopfullprice and the Services offered by it will in no way be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, consequential or any other damages resulting from the use or inability to use the Website or Services or Unauthorized access to or alteration of the user's transmissions or data. We advice the users to check these before making any purchase through our Merchants.

Links to third part sites:

As we work with number of online merchants and advertisers so we do use the third party links which help us to monitor many vital aspect of our website. These links generally redirect you to the merchant websites and at the same time help us to record the visits and sales done by our users. You should not worry about these links as they are entirely harmless for your devices and also do not engage in collection of any kind of information related to while you are shopping products online.






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